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Establishing if a tree is being used as a bat roost can be accomplished using standard bat flight surveys but this can be difficult and may leave a time gap between survey and tree works during which bats may move into the tree. This may still leave the owner and tree surgeon open to prosecution under the law.


However, to supplement the standard flight survey it is more cost effective to use one of our specially developed methods.


Working in conjunction with one of our specially trained tree climbers we use small wireless and cabled cameras that the climber is able to manipulate to fully explore cracks and cavities in the tree. Our fully licence bat operator is able to see the images from ground level and direct the climber to spot any bats or signs of them.


For health and safety reasons much tree work is now performed from all terrain powered access equipment. If this equipment is available on site then it gives us the opportunity to mount one of our endoscopic video probes on the basket of the machine. This allows us to reach up to 2 metres inside a cavity. Our probes have flexible remote control tips which range in size from 6 mm in diameter upwards. With the combination of length, diameter and flexibility we are able to fully explore cavities for potential roost sites.


These techniques give security against the potential of prosecution by ensuring bats and bat roosts are not damaged in the course of tree work and if needed an appropriate licence can be applied for. See Natural England Licence Applications


Bats and Trees