When planning a development it is very important to be proactive in respect of protected species. Failure to take the issues of bats on board at an early stage can seriously affect the projected timetable for a project. Equally it is important to get the level of the report that is submitted to planning to a point that all of the evidence and data from the survey work is presented in a coherent, meaningful and easily digested way within the frame work of the proposed development.


The report needs to not only present the results of the survey work but, if bats are present, to address the mitigation measures proposed to avoid harm to bats and any compensation measures required to satisfy the requirements of the legislation at the planning level. Jones & Sons have considerable experience in incorporating bat roosting sites within developments including the design of new ‘bat houses/lofts’ suitable for different species of bat.


Each of the reports that Jones & Sons produces is hand crafted to the specific project. In addition to the survey work there will have been detailed discussions with owners, their architects and in some cases also their construction team. This ensures that the report that goes forward with the planning application forms an integral part of the whole application.


Our reports contain a very high level of detail. The reason for this is that we wish to ensure as far as possible that the report submitted to planning is not rejected by leaving questions unanswered. The reports that we produce reflect the meticulous level of survey recording coupled with an in depth understanding of the legislation and mitigation that needs to be put forward together with a clear understanding of the needs of the development.


Finished reports are produced to a high standard with the incorporation of full colour photographs to aid interpretation as well as necessary drawings. We standardly provide bound printed copies as well as a pdf version sent by e-mail for clients own in house printing requirements.


A number of our previous reports are available for viewing on a variety of Local Planning Authority web sites.

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