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Bat forensic surveys take into consideration the structure of the building and its potential to be able to house a bat roosting site. The survey also looks for signs of use of the structure by bats.


Bats are small secretive animals, their apparent size when flying is misleading of their actual body size once their wings are folded. This small body size means that it is easy for a bat to hide in a structure and never be seen.  Since they don’t gnaw or build nests and leave few signs it is normal for owners and developers to assume they are not there particularly given their nocturnal and silent habits. Because of its nature this part of the survey can be undertaken throughout the year. This can be important if it is necessary to register the planning application during the winter months when it is not possible to perform the entire survey.


What is a Forensic Survey


In conducting the survey we look carefully at the structure of the building and for the few signs that bats leave behind. We also examine likely hiding places using endoscope, fibre and video probes. For difficult cavities our 2 metre long 6 mm diameter video scope with its joy stick controlled 360 degree rotatable and flexible tip provided definitive presence or absence results. The results of where signs of bats or bats themselves are found are mapped.


Forensic Surveys