Jones and Sons
Environmental Sciences Ltd
21-23 North Road,
Hertford, Hertfordshire
SG14 1LN
Tel 01992 552407

Jones and Sons Environmental Sciences Ltd., originally formed as Jones and Sons Environmental Sciences in 1996, is a specialised consultancy dedicated to providing ecological assessment, technical guidance and project management with specific expertise in protected species related to planning and development projects of all types and sizes.


Jones and Sons Environmental Sciences Ltd employees have a thorough grounding in classic field work skills in zoology and botany, such as identification and recording. These are coupled with an in-depth understanding of the legislation and planning procedures. Our combined professional expertise is in excess of 100 years in ecological and planning fields. We hold Natural England licences for the survey work we carry out and our staff are also members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.


Jones and Sons Environmental Sciences Ltd is able to offer a broad spectrum of services in specialised areas enabling effective solutions to the most diverse ecological issues. This includes LOW IMPACT BAT LICENCES granted in 10 working days


Jones and sons Environmental Sciences Ltd specialise in and are able to carry out surveys for Bats, Great Crested Newts, Reptiles, Badgers, Water Voles, Otters, Barn Owls, song and rapturous birds, Phase 1 Habitat surveys extended as necessary, Phase 2  as well as BREEAM /Code for Sustainable Homes Ecology assessments. Reports are of high quality in an easy to read format, provided as both full colour bound copy and as pdf document. The reports can be used to support planning applications as well as form part of wider Environmental Impact Statements. For development projects, once planning permission has been granted and if applicable, we can apply for the relevant  European Protected Species (EPS) Natural England Licence, with proposed mitigation measures, at the appropriate time of year to ensure a successful completion of the project. To date we have successfully applied for over 100 of these licences.


At Jones and Sons Environmental Science Ltd we take great pride in the quality of our direct personal service, our current client base ranges from multi-national companies with large scale and complex requirements to the smaller prospector and independent developer. Irrespective of the size of your project you are able to rely on the same high quality of expertise throughout.